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The Kucoin Hack
China and North Korea Issue

In September 2020 a Hong Kong based bitcoin exchange admitted $280 million worth of crypto was stolen. Approximately 1008 stolen BTC remained unspent until October. We follow the trail.

December 15 2020

Toxic Recall Attack - Unwinding JoinMarket Case Study
The Cold Case Files Issue

We crack open a cold case from 2015 where a Reddit user claimed a 445 BTC loss due to a wallet hack. We follow the coins through the JoinMarket mixer and asses the likely destination of the stolen funds thanks to the Toxic Recall attack.

June 02 2020

The North Korean Connection
China and North Korea Issue

The North Korean cybercrime group Lazarus Group is allegedly responsible for a large number of exchange hacks and breaches. We break through the attempted mixing of the stolen BTC and review the complaint filed by the US Government.

April 29 2020